IS Power Supply – PSU3000

The PSU3000 is a mainspowered 12V 1A Exia power supply. The PSU3000 has been designed for use in Exia Intrinsically Safe Systems. It also has an auxiliary non-I.S. 12V 420mA output for powering of instrumentation. Two protected fail-safe relay contacts are available for status monitoring and LED indicators have been provided or diagnostic purposes.


  • Mains input                               90~264VAC ,  47~63Hz
  • Battery back-up                         12V Lead Silicon Battery, approx. 2.5 hours back-up time(with 1A load on Ex ia output only)
  • Battery Protection                     Low voltage cut-out, high voltage clamp, current limit
  • Ex ia output voltage                  12V
  • Ex ia current output                  1A
  • Max output current                   420mA
  • Short circuit current rating       2,68A
  • Relay contacts rating                28V 50Ma



  • Intrinsically Safety Information
  • Rating: [Exia] (-20°C<Tamb<50°C)


Cable Types:

  • Maximum length of cable for given safety parameters
  • Copper Cable (2,5mm) of 850 meters
  • Leaky Feeder Cable: of 450 meters


Safety and EMC Information:

Certificate Pending

Power status indication (via four bi-colour LED’s):

  • Mains voltage:             normal: green
  • Battery voltage:           normal: green / overvoltage or under voltage: red
  • Ex ia output:                            normal: green / current limit: red
  • Auxiliary output:         normal: green


Certification and Safety Details:

  • intrinsically Safety Information
  • Rating: [Ex ia] (-20°C<Tamb<50°C)


Safety Parameters:

  • Maximum output safety voltage (Uo) = 12.86V
  • Maximum output safety current (Io) = 2.68A
  • Maximum allowable capacity (Co) = 36mF
  • Maximum allowable inductance (Lo) = 64.97mF
  • Maximum all inductance per ohm (Lo/Ro) = 35.03mH/


Safety and EMC Information:

Certificate Pending

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