I.S. Intercom System – IC4001


The intercom system consists of a Charger (which must be installed in a safe area or flameproof enclosure) and up to 5 audio units. The total number of audio units can be extended to 10 if another charger is used. The maximum distance is 1km on a 0.5mm2 cable. This is an ‘open’ system which broadcasts to all audio units simultaneously. A small battery in each audio unit supplies power to the speaker amplifiers and is used as ‘battery back-up’ in case of power failure. The system will normally use a screened cable but will operate with unscreened cable in low (electrical) noise environments.


  • Intrinsically Safe
  • 5 units/charger (2 chargers maximum)
  • Operates up to 1km
  • Simple infrastructure
  • Easy to operate
  • Very compact units
  • Waterproof to IP65
  • Easy installation
  • Can survive harsh environments
  • Call switch (drawing attention)


Shaft Communication System – CCS3000

The CCS3000 radio is a real time communication system offering slack and tight rope monitoring functionality with warning alarms and trips to prevent the conveyance from going into a tight and slack condition. The good quality voice communication as well as belling to surface and back, is used for normal day to day as well as inspection usage. Using the available 56 digitals for interlocking of doors, booms and Levelok etc. – making the CCS3000 a comprehensive shaft communication and management tool.


  • Tight & Slack rope  monitoring
  • Voice communication between cage and surface
  • Analog digital handling capability
  • Shaft inspection 
  • Three segment LED display indicates tonnage of the cage
  • Indications:   Build in test equipment (B.I.T.E.) 
  • LED Indicators for Slack rope, Tight rope, Battery voltage
  • Buzzer alarm and warning indication
  • Fail Safe – System trips on loss of carrier signal and on other unsafe conditions
  • Reset Function – Electronic coded key (Reset Key) for resetting system 
  • Supervisor


Installations and Maintenance:

  • PAU (Parameter Adjustment Unit)
  • Synthesized frequency selection 
  • Operator configurable
  • Computer based parameter setting unit 
  • System setup and parameter settings done from surface
  • Modules are interchangeable between  Shaft Systems
  • Reduced stores holding



Real time cage x – y Parameter Monitoring
(Vibration Monitoring)
Real time Dual Rope Equalization Monitoring

Intercom System – IC4001

The IC4001 is a specialised intercom system and forms part of the IC4000 family of products. This intercom caters for mining, industrial and commercial applications. The intercom system consists of a power supply and up to 25 audio units deployed over a total distance of 15km. This is an ‘open’ system, broadcasts to all audio units simultaneously. The system needs a single power supply (at source), hence finding power at each audio unit point is not necessary.  A battery back-up in each audio unit is provided in case of power outage. The system uses a screened cable, but can also be deployed on a single 0,5mm twin cable for shorter distances.


  • Operates over distances of up to 15km
  • Single power supply per system
  • Simple infrastructure
  • Easy to operate
  • Compact audio units
  • Waterproof – IP65
  • Easy installation
  • Can withstand harsh environments
  • Belling (drawing attention)
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