Mine Rescue Communication – RB 2000

The Rescue System is a compact portable communication system that consists of a remote control unit (RCU); a battery operated base station and a set of SC 2000 portable radios. The deployment of this system is quick and voice communication is available immediately on the initiation of the rescue operation. Distances of up to 1 km can be achieved when using the loop antenna option and up to 10km when using the life line option. To get the full advantage of the RB2000 System, both options should be used simultaneously. The SC 2000 radio has its microphone and speaker attached to the bandolier allowing a relatively hands free operation. The RB2000 Rescue System has been used by Mines Rescue Services (MRS) South Africa for over 25 years and they continue to endorse the system. Cordless intercom between proto team and members.


  • Quick system deployment
  • Battery operated mobile equipment
  • Ideal frequency for underground propagation
  • ATU (Automatic Tuning Unit) 
  • Robust underground equipment
  • Call button option
  • Underground equipment – water resistant
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Functional whilst deploying
  • Dual communication path offers redundancy, giving acommunication backup path
  • Underground rescue deployment does not rely on any fixed radioinfrastructure
  • Nominal mission time – 8 hours
  • Broad communication network
    • Communication between rescue team members
    • Communication between rescue team members and fresh air base
    • Communication from rescue base to surface
  • Voice recording option
  • System is designed and manufactured in South Africa
  • Tested and used by mines rescue teams all over the worldfor more than 25 years
  • Limited warranty of 12 months

Wireless Intercom – WI4000

The WI4000 Wireless Intercom System attached to the hard hat allows wireless communication between the brigadesman in a rescue operation.


  • Team leader uses the GST SC2000 Substrata Communicator
  • Team leader can communicate with the fresh-air base and the brigades man
  • Communication range amongst team members is up to 10m
  • Team member can communicate amongst themselves but not to the fresh-air-base
  • Bone microphone and earphone giving clear communication (to reduce the effect of background noise)
  • Compatible with the electret microphone and earphone of a full face gas mask
  • Wireless Intercom Module, battery and loop coupler mounted on the hard hat
  • Antenna is Omni-directional
  • Wireless charging system
  • Battery has “Charge Available” indicator
  • 24 hour operation on one charge
  • Can be used wireless without interfering with gas mask
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