Silec Magnetic Switches

These Magnetic switches are normally used for control and detection of moving bodies. Switch consists of two changeover contacts that operate simultaneously on a movable plate and is controlled by permanent magnets contained within the switch.

Two types of switches are available, each with a different operating action;

The Automatic Reset (1892RA and 1919RA) switch is operated by the approach of the inductor and is only maintained as long as the inductor is within the operating zone. On leaving the proximity of the switch, the contacts will return to their original position.

With the 2-position (1892PS and 1919PS) switch the contacts are operated by the movement of the inductor whilst in the proximity of the switch and remain in that position until such time as they are operated by the passage of the inductor.

Two types of magnets are available:

  • 1927A36 North or South Pole
    1927A50 North or South Pole



  • Very robust switch enclosures
  • Operate in high temperatures
  • Maintenance free
  • Reverse voltage protection
  • Control Intrinsically safe circuits
  • Operating distances 60mm and 180mm
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