TriSens – TRI3000

The TriSens is a rugged Intrinsically Safe Underground Environmental Monitoring device. It can be integrated into existing Industrial Ethernet and PLC networks to give a real-time status indication in the Control Room on SCADA. The sensor has fire-patrol facility to time stamp underground inspection readings.

The Standard TriSens accurately measures:

  • Airflow (AV)
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO)
  • Methane (CH4)



  • On-board Microcontroller for local Alarm Handling and Data Communication
  • Fire-patrol digital input with external push button
  • Node address configured on TriSens via push button
  • Robust IP65 rated enclosure
  • Ultra Sonic airspeed measurement is not affected by dust, water or temperature
  • Large Auto scrolling Liquid Crystal Display for local indication
  • One additional Analog Input is available (For Temperature or Alternative gas Measurement)
  • Local visual Alarm Status indication (Red/Green Flasher via the FSS3000*)
  • Audio visual alarm output for Guduza Exia Audio Visual Alarm
  • Power control output for Guduza Exia Relay Interface (Used to control switchgear)


The FSS3000 is a fail-safe, self-contained strobe that can be used to indicate the status of a device, e.g. the alarm status of an environmental monitor.


Interface Options:

  • Standard 4…20mA outputs per sensor, Exia l loop isolators are available for I.S. requirements.
  • FSK Data Communication via 1200Bd modem to NetFep Gateway*


NetFep Gateway
The NetFep Gateway provides Intrinsically Safe data communication to the TriSens utilizing very robust FSK modem technology. The outbound side of this Gateway provides data communication to Industrial Ethernet and PLC systems utilizing Modbus RTU (RS232/RS485) and Modbus TCP interfaces.

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