Wireless Intercom – WI4000

The WI4000 Wireless Intercom System attached to the hard hat allows wireless communication between the brigadesman in a rescue operation.


  • Team leader uses the GST SC2000 Substrata Communicator
  • Team leader can communicate with the fresh-air base and the brigades man
  • Communication range amongst team members is up to 10m
  • Team member can communicate amongst themselves but not to the fresh-air-base
  • Bone microphone and earphone giving clear communication (to reduce the effect of background noise)
  • Compatible with the electret microphone and earphone of a full face gas mask
  • Wireless Intercom Module, battery and loop coupler mounted on the hard hat
  • Antenna is Omni-directional
  • Wireless charging system
  • Battery has “Charge Available” indicator
  • 24 hour operation on one charge
  • Can be used wireless without interfering with gas mask
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