5 Mining health and safety tips

In the workplace, employees will encounter certain health and safety hazards. In the mining industry these risks are substantial, and they are more dangerous than the risks that employees in other industries would face. Miners need to take extra precautions in the working environment to ensure their safety. Here are a few mining health and safety tips:



First and foremost, everyone in the mine needs to be able to communicate with each other. If there is a potential hazard within the mine, this must be communicated to every individual that is working within and around the mine. This is important to ensure people avoid this hazard, or that they know what to do if exposed to the hazard.



Electricity is used all over mines. The workers need to ensure that they are aware of the electrical cables that run throughout the mine to ensure that they do not harm themselves and so that they can monitor whether the cables have become a hazard because of exposure and so on. There should be strict mining policies regarding electricity.


Heavy Machinery

Most mines work with heavy machinery, and they work in areas with low visibility. These machines need to have a route to get in and out of the mine safely without the danger of harming workers that are walking around. All employees should be aware of these areas and should avoid them to ensure their health and safety.



Explosives are commonly used in mines. They are used so often that experienced workers may consider taking shortcuts. There should be strict, detailed safety policies about the use of explosives in mines to ensure that workers follow the correct procedures and do not endanger their lives and the lives of other employees.



Fire hazards are rife in mines. There are many things that can go wrong and cause a fire. Fire safety in the mine can be withheld if all employees are vigilant and inform other miners as soon as there is a threat so that the necessary action can be taken to keep everyone safe.