The Can Robo is a compact, omnidirectional and robust Air Velocity measurement device for roadways.

• DMR required product in underground coal mining (NON I.S)
• Removable probe for ease of repair and calibration
• Battery backup for up to 8 hours
• Visible Indication LED Display: GREEN, Above 0.5 m/s RED, Below 0.5 m/s
• Extremely cost effective

• On-Site calibration and verification
• Optional time delay

• The unit is pre-set for the minimum allowable airflow in the haulage
• If the airflow drops below the threshold the indication changes from green to red
• It provides a go/no go visual indication for non-flameproof vehicles and personnel
• 8-hour battery back up


-220Vac supply

-High visibility display (LED)

-Unit is splash proof

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