Reliable rope monitoring, improved shaft conveyance safety

The implementation of tight and slack rope systems is tried and tested preventative approach which reduces the chance of a rope break in shaft conveyance. However, vital factors have to be followed in the procurement of tight and slack rope solutions, as safety in shaft conveyances is paramount, the engineering team at GST Guduza advises … Read more

The importance of mining

Many people don’t realise the importance of mining. So many of the things we use in daily life are made by mined materials or rely on those materials to work. Not only do we use these mined minerals to create pieces of our everyday life, but mining is also an economically beneficial activity. Read more below on the importance of mining:

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How to improve mining safety

Workers in the mining industry face more dangers than those in other industries. When this industry was first merging, there were many fatalities. Over the years, many safety policies have been put in place to protect these workers and the number of fatalities has decreased tremendously. There are a few mining safety tips that you should follow to improve the mining safety of yourself and fellow employees.

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5 Mining health and safety tips

In the workplace, employees will encounter certain health and safety hazards. In the mining industry these risks are substantial, and they are more dangerous than the risks that employees in other industries would face. Miners need to take extra precautions in the working environment to ensure their safety. Here are a few mining health and safety tips:

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Fire prevention tips for mines

Fire is a serious hazard in mines. Electrical cables, explosives, gas and many other mining elements are potential fire hazards. People need to take precautions in mines to ensure that these fire hazards do not become threats. Here are a few tips regarding fire prevention in mines:

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Flammable gas sensing Technology improves Mine safety

Gas in mines is an ever-present hazard. An underground mine is an inhospitable place in which to work. Gas poisoning and explosion is a major hazard, with many different types of gas commonly present in mines. Black damp, a mixture of carbon dioxide and nitrogen, is formed because of corrosion and enclosed spaces so removing … Read more

What are the potential effects of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide for miners?

Mine gas refers to various harmful vapours produced during mining operations. Carbon monoxide (white damp) is a particularly toxic gas; as little as 0.1% can cause death within minutes. It is a product of the incomplete combustion of carbon and is formed in coal mines mainly by oxidation of coal, particularly in those mines where spontaneous combustion occurs.

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