The Trisens accurately measures airflow, carbon monoxide (CO) and methane (CH4) and is housed in an IP65 single stainless steel enclosure.

• Measures Co (Carbon Monoxide), `
CH4 (Methane), Air Velocity and
Ambient Temperature
• Firepatrol digital input for maintenance control
measurements via external push button
• The Trisens is a compact NON-IS / Intrinsically
Safe (IS) environment monitoring unit Exia
Group I standards.
• On board data communication interface
• Local audio / visual alarm options

• Onsite calibration at 3-6-month intervals
• Current methane (CH4) sensor can be upgraded to hydrogen sensor (H2)
• Ambien temperature measurement allows for easy compliance to the Fatigue Management Plan set out by each individual mine

A range of single gas and airflow sensors certified to the Exia Standard which can be optionally coupled to the mines existing backbone via the 4-20mA output signal. Standalone sensors are available to measure additional gasses specified by the mine:
• Methane (CH4)
• Carbon Monoxide (CO)
• Air Velocity (AV)

• Ultrasonic Airspeed measurement is not affected by dust, water or temperature
• The (FSS) Fail Safe Strobe is an on board visual
healthy or unhealthy indicator
• Local Audio-Visual Alarm Option
• 2 Additional inputs are available for 2 additional gas sensors to be monitored
• The Trisens can be integrated into Scada/PLC
networks to give a real time status indication locally
and in the control room

-Standard 4…20mA outputs per sensor

-Capable of interfacing to SCADA/PLC systems

-Ex ia Loop isolators are available for IS requirements

-Modbus RTU data communication via IS RS485 interface

-FSK data communication via 1200Bd modem (GST profibus implementation)

-8…12Vdc, 5 5 W max (configuration dependant)

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