Conveyor Belt Safety Systems


It is an Intrinsically safe Exia Pullkey system that covers distances of up to 5km, using a single power supply. This intelligent system can identify multiple simultaneous faults, complies with the legal PSA requirements and also provides local identification of Pullkey lockout numbers. The tone Pilot provides separate Safety Interlocks to the motor control centre and PLC.

The underground Controller manages the communications of the pullkeys and provides the link to surface.

  • The PSA “proving” function monitors the actual sound ( SPL, Sound Pressure Level) from the siren, which is modulated to easily distinguish it from sounds with a similar frequency.
  • Low power design
  • High Immunity to Lighting and Surges Robust protection against lightning, spikes and surges.
  • Pullkeys are hot swappable
  • Plug ‘n play – minimize down time.
  • HMI (option) situated in the controller for monitoring, setup and fault finding.
  • Advanced system diagnostics to aid fault-finding
  • Pullkeys are auto-addressing
  • LED strobe on each Pullkey visually indicates PSA
  • Pilot loop LED in each Pullkey confirms switch action in lockout
  • Controller indicates Pilot status and PSA Proof status via two fail-safe relay contacts.
  • Pilot module with automatic time-out for fault-finding (to prevent bridging out).
  • Fail to Safe configuration on the Pilot Line
  • Mechanical flag-arm to indicate lockout state.
  • Loud distinctive sound pattern makes PSA audible above high background noise levels.
  • Dedicated addresses available for third party products, such as belt tear, misalignment, etc.
  • Pilot module with automatic time-out for ease of fault finding (to prevent bridging out of pullkeys)
  • Several popular protocols are available for interfacing to the Controller.
  • A list of PSA failures are stored in the controller.
  • Existing IPS3000 systems can be upgraded to IPS3030.

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