The IPS3000 Exia Pullkey system consists of a controller and can handle up to 254 pullkeys. The pullkey has a pilot contact, a pre-start alarm (PSA) with proving, and local identification of the lock-out number.

  • Lockout number indication from any pullkey in the system
    PSA sound intensity at 30cm is 110dBA
  • Dedicated addresses available for belt tear, misalignment etc.
  • LED strobe on each pullkey indicates PSA visually
  • IP68 and I.S (EXIA) / Non IS
  • Fault finding made easy with Auto Time Out modules and prevents loss of production
  • Long distances on 1 PSU for underground and surface conveyors
  • Proven Protection against lightning
  • The controller’s dual pilot relay output provides the safety interlock to the motor control centre and PLC
  • Pilot module with automatic fault finding (to prevent bridging out)
  • IP65
  • Simple 9-bit diagnostic
  • Several protocols available
  • Supplies diagnoctic information of the Pullkey System to the PLC, both for pullkey and PSA proof functioning
  • Low power consumption
  • SCADA interface


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