The SIS4000 is the latest generation shaft inspection system from GST, based on common principles from the advanced CCS3000 System and using modern synthesised frequency.

  • Ideal for shaft Inspections
  • Provides shaft communications, belling and emergency stop
  • High power, high quality analogue audio channel (1.5W)
  • Ease of installation and maintenance with the new wideband omni-coupler antenna design
  • Synthesised system: no coil/cap/crystal changes
  • Software driven (flash PIC’s used throughout for easy updating/modification of software)
  • Relays for Belling/Carrier /Bell follower relays are rail-mounted
  • Lock-bell function
  • Can interface with IC4001 Intercom System (Optional Rail mounted interface module and 2 pin socket) 
  • Glass fibre reinforced polyester with added graphite
  • IP66 Rated enclosures
  • SMD method of assembly
  • PCB’s have been conformal coated
  • Standard components used throughout

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