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Expertise, Quality, Commitment

The complete Grintek Mining Electronics was bought out by Guduza System Technologies (Pty) Ltd  (Guduza) as a going concern 16 years ago.  The Prime aim of this move was to place full focus in the Mining Sector.  In the process Guduza is proud to say that we have reached a Level 2 BBBEE Status.


Our Expertise lies in the design, development and implementation of innovative electronic systems, specifically in the mining industry. We have been working with all of the major mining houses as well as many other mines in South Africa. Our products are also being exported throughout the world in countries such as: Australia, Brazil, Peru, Chile, China, DRC, Mongolia, Peru, Russia, Philippines and Canada.


Our Quality

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products that we sell to the clients. We have a full Quality Assurance Department to make sure that when products leave the factory that it is of the highest standard.


We have been committed to work closely together with the end users for the past 43 years and with our innovative, well designed products and systems, we have met the client’s REAL needs.

We have continuously kept up with the need of technological advancement and have upgraded products as well as our systems in accordance with the client’s changing requirements.

The Innovative Research and Development Facility within Guduza, has over the past four decades developed numerous small and large products and systems, specific to our client’s needs. The facilities within the company have capabilities ranging from R.F through to Digital Systems.


Excellent quality and workmanship of their products. A wonderful team to work with.

5 Star Rated

Being 5-star rated signifies excellence at its finest

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Stiaan Snyders

I love my work with Guduza.