The Rescue System is a compact portable communication system that consists of a remote control unit (RCU), a battery-operated base station and a set of SC 2000 portable radios.

  • Quick system deployment
  • Battery operated mobile equipment
  • Ideal frequency for underground propagation
  • ATU (Automatic Tuning Unit)
  • Robust underground equipment
  • The deployment of this system is quick
  • Voice communication is available immediately on the initiation of the rescue operation
  • Used by mines rescue teams all over the world for more than 25 Years
  • Call button option
  • Underground equipment – water resistant¬†safe
  • Functional whilst deploying
  • Dual communication path offers redundancy, giving a communication backup path
  • Underground rescue deployment does not rely on any fixed radio infrastructure
  • Nominal mission time – 8 hours
  • Broad communication network
  • Communication between rescue team members
  • Communication between rescue team members and fresh air base
  • Communication from rescue base to surface
  • Distances of up to 10 km can be achieved

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